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Where to store source data?

I am looking for advice and/or recommendations for where source data for dataflows, power bi and other power platform apps should be stored. Most of the files I use are CSV exports from legacy and current ERP systems and other third party systems. I am wondering if these CSV files should be stored in (1) SharePoint, (2) OneDrive for Business or (3)another cloud storage service like AWS. My hope is to be able to use one of these options instead of having to invest in building a true data pipeline. I do want to future proof the storage solution and have it be scalable.

Thank you for your suggestions and input.


@eric_m ,

A very similar question came up on the experts’ chat channel a couple of months ago. Here were the responses, which I found really interesting and informative. Hopefully, they will be helpful to you as well:

  • Brian
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Thank you Brian, very helpful. I was wrestling with what to do and now have direction.

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