When a value exists in one table but won't display


I am wrapping-up a data modeling project and I cannot seem to find a good solution for the following.
I have used the TREATAS Function to build a virtual relationship to another table.
What I am faced with now is that if I Put all of my “Forecast Customers” in the first column, and restrict it to March 2018, I am not getting all of the budget data I was hoping for.
It seems that if there are no sales then the budget won’t show-up based on the name and the month only.
Long story short, The Budget $ will only show-up if there were products sold.
Thanks for any assistance.


Here is the Query using TREATAS. You will notice that the table that has all of the sales details is called "Fact_PackagingSales’. In that table for the Customer in the accompanying photo, there is no Actual Sale in Month 3. There is however a Budgeted Amount of 31,000 that is not showing in any of the analysis. Anyhow, a bit more info for the original question. TREATAS_DAX


Can you show me the measure you are using? Not the query.

To me it doesn’t look like the customer table is related at all to the budget table, so I can’t see how a filter will work there.

The first thing to think about for any results is - what is the initial context? In this case it looks like customer name.

Then think what is the formula doing after that.

If it is CALCULATE( Total Budgets, TREATAS…

Then you are calculating the budgets in an adjusted context from the initial one.

Test if you have no customers in that initial context, what result to you get?


Sam, thanks for the help. My issue was with Summarizing the Data in the TREATAS function. I made an adjustment and it works exactly as I had hoped!


Ok that’s great