What to lookout for when data does not have a Sale (in my case invoice) everyday?

Hey all,

Quick question: In the context of a Date Dimension table, most examples Sam mentions a Sale (in my case Invoice) everyday. I don’t have an Invoice occurring everyday. Is this an issue that I don’t have a transaction everyday especially in the context of trying to set a budget? Is there anything major I should be on the lookout for?

If I understand your question correctly, most models probably don’t have a sale everyday. This is why it is a best practice to have a Date Table connected to your model so that you can create the measures you need. Dive into Sam’s training as soon as you can. Also a great tip is when you are in the forum and have a question you are thinking about posting, there is probably someone else who has asked this question. You can do a search at the top right part of the screen. Here is a video from Sam that is a must watch.


Thanks. My question was really asking if there are any specific to look out for when you don’t have a sale everyday of the day?

Not anything specific to look out for, just make sure you have your Date Table setup correctly.


cool. thanks all.

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