What software do you use for the course videos?


Hi Sam,

I’m really loving your training videos and getting so much from the course.

I’m just about to start a new role at work as a product manager and wanted to create a course to teach our customers how to use our product (We sell GPS Telematics).

Can I ask what software you use for hosting the course content? It’s really user friendly.

Thanks in advance



These are the specs (it’s not too difficult to setup)

Video capture software - Camtasia
Microphone - Blue Yeti
Camera - Logitech 1080p

That’s it really.



Hi Sam,

Do you actually host the course videos in camtasia? Or have you purpose built your website to hold the videos and have a course outline?

As its great from a UX/UI perspective.




The online portal is a called teachable - https://teachable.com/

Yes it’s good. I recommend it.


It’s awesome Sam, thanks so much.

I’m going to have a chat to work to see if we can use it to make training programs for our customers