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What is the use of accessebility option in format pane of table visaul

Hi friends, i was going through latest update of power bi , there is an option in table visua about accessibility but could not understand it…if any one can guide it will be great plz.


@praveer82 Hello! What version of Power BI desktop are you running currently? The new version when I do a search in the format pane for accessibility, it is not there. I believe this has been removed.

If you Go to File then About you should see the version. Mine is Version: 2.105.1143.0 64-bit (May 2022)

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The documentation does a good job of explaining -

I cannot find when this was added to PowerBi Desktop (using keyword searching on the update blogs) - however I can confirm that the Accessibility drop-down does appear on the Table visuals in my version of PowerBi Desktop (July 2022).

If possible, you want to download your copy of Desktop from the Microsoft App store so that it will automatically update each month.

As mentioned in my comment above, I find this only in my Table visuals (at least for now), and it appears to be for use with screen readers. So for users that use a screen reader as a visual aid, you are able to design the way the reader interacts with the table.

In your screenshot, it’s giving the option for the screen reader to identify the row by the Region or the Category that is on the line.

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