What canvas size do you use for your real life dashboards?

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I’ve seen a class from Gustaw in which he shows he uses bigger than default canvas size on Power BI.

I myself, have been finding myself in a situation in which I need more space for a navigation bar, etc. However, there is stuff like the size of the pic when sending the report through e-mail, optimization…

What usually works best in your real life experience?

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In real life 16:9 720px-1280 px are generally preferred when you are working with organization.
But if you are creating project portfolio or from your client end if they are allowing you to go beyond the default size then you can.
but mostly 16:9 size is preferable.
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I’m going to bring out the “It depends”…well someone had to! :joy:

My standard is generally 1250 by 700, however, I recently created a report that was 1250 by 850 due to more locations being added. This resulted in scroll bars appearing on several of our horizontal bar charts. Client liked the report as it was so we simply extended the page size to meet their requirements.

It’s good to have a standard size, but don’t be beholden to them.

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I have tried a variety of sizes, larger to exploit more real estate and smaller to adapt to client tablets.

Eventually I settled on the default. In favor of larger form-factors, many advanced users will be working on larger monitors. Or dual monitors. But there is also a movement to portability and work from home, where a laptop is common.

In favor of smaller sizes, pay attention to embedding in other applications like Teams. They almost always impinge on horizontal space. Very few users are comfortable with horizontal scrolling. The common solution is the recently added ability to scale the canvas to fit. So what do you gain? All you’re doing is squeezing pixels closer together. Do you really want to scale down common 8px text?

Regarding portfolios, NovyPro grabs a lot of space in all four dimensions. On my 32" 4K monitor, I frequently see 87% scaling. When the browser is zoomed to max size, I frequently see 100% scaling, but with vertical and horizontal scroll bars. You can open a new window. But inconveniencing the viewer of your portfolio sends a bad message.

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Undusting an old subject. while using apps, on a 16:9 monitor will most often add some vertical white borders. so I was wondering if any of you had come with a custom size which is not 16:9 but which is avoiding left and right borders whil in apps?
I know I can use the background to make them “disapear” but the real estate is not used wisely