Webinar series resources

I am going through the beginners section …as advised in the training platform…
Before I start the “Mastering Dax calculations”, is it necessary to go through the “Webinar series resources” ?
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Hi @arkiboys,

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So right after the “Ultimate Beginners Guide to Power BI” I would suggest to move to the "Advanced Data Transformations and Modeling” because you can only start writing DAX after you’ve prepared and developed a Model.
There is no fixed path, the learning map below is an aid but it’s up to you what comes next :wink:

You can check out the Learning Map here…

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Thank you for the guidance.
On a side note, do you know how I can get notified by email when someone has replied to my thread?

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Instructions in the thread below:

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P…S. STRONG endorsement of @Melissa’s recommendation to do the Data Modeling and Transformation course as your next one.

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The learning guide is just a recommendation…

The structured courses would be the ones to focus more on and work through in a sequential way.


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Hi Sam,
By Learning guide, do you mean the graphical representation with videos shown in the three levels of learning (Beginner, intermediate, advanced) ?
And, by sequential way, do you mean basically, pick a video course and go through the contents one by one in order in that course?
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Hi @arkiboys,

Yes, the Learning Map can help you choose the order of courses to work through but it’s just an aid.


Yes, but start with the structured content first, you can identify them by the label in the upper left corner.