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Waterfall chart - group results by top/bottom/other

I would like to create a waterfall chart showing y-o-y changes in sales dollars by customer as follows:

  • top n largest y-o-y changes - show each customer’s individual y-o-y change

  • bottom n largest y-o-y changes - show each customer’s individual y-o-y change

  • all customers not in top or bottom n y-o-y change summed into one category called ‘other’

Any thoughts on how to execute?

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What you are mainly looking at here is dynamic grouping techniques.

See below

Many more examples here

Work through these and you’ll see quickly what you need to do


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Close, but not quite.

I only want one group.

For instance - I want to show the five customers with the largest positive YoY change in sales, but I want to show them individually on a waterfall chart, not as a group.

I also want to do the same for the five customers with the largest negative YoY change in sales, again showing those changes individually by customer on a waterfall chart.

Lastly, if a customer wasn’t in either the top 5 or bottom 5, I want to sum their YoY changes in sales and group this number into the ‘Other’ bucket; this would show up on the waterfall chart as a single customer labeled ‘Other’.

So, if in the top or bottom 5, show me the individual changes with each customer’s name as the label; if not in the top or bottom 5, sum and group into ‘Other’ and label as ‘Other’.

Here’s an example using the top and bottom 10 customers by YoY sales in the current FY.

I use two separate charts - one for the top 10 and another chart for the bottom 10. Each bar is a customer name.

I’d like the top 10 and bottom 10 to be combined on one chart, and if not in the top or bottom 10, group everything else into a bar labeled ‘Other’.