Visuals are not showing incomplete data or no data at all

Hi everyone,

I am facing an issue with a report that is not showing all the data on my table visual.
I have created a report that shows the expenditures in $$ based on deduction codes, and have created views to show how many people owe more than 4 week, or 3 weeks and less. The issue is that some deductions arent being listed and some users arent on the list at all.
-When I look at the data model, I see all the correct information on there
-The issues are mainly with Past Due Deductions and Past Due R&M columns in the visuals.

  • Some deductions are being calculated while others, for the same users, arent.

These are the Dax formulas I used to calculate the totals for Past Due RM and Past Due Deductions:

Other Deductions (No TN/Fuel/RM) =
SUM(‘Loan Deductions’[Amount]),‘Loan Deductions’[Ded. Code] in

Total R&M =
SUM(‘Loan Deductions’[Amount]),‘Loan Deductions’[Ded. Code] in {“OO-R&M”})

This is the formula I use to show the Deductions totals in the visual:

Past Due Deductions =
CALCULATE([Other Deductions (No TN/Fuel/RM)],FILTER(‘Loan Deductions’,‘Loan Deductions’[Bill Date]<TODAY()))

An example of an error is that I do not see ID C2008 listed anywhere however they have expenses dated more than 3 weeks back

These are the ID that should be on one of these visuals and I’m missing most of them.

Are these Dax formulas incorrect and causing this issue? Or maybe its something else that I missed?

I’ve been fighting with this for the past 10 days and I appreciate the help.
Deductions Test.pbix (2.7 MB)

Hi @Tali_USA ,

Quick check for ID C2008 - there are 2 data issues because it is not displayed in the table :

  • Last week PD (for that example is blank and you have filter visual on this is not 0)

  • Week Ending - filter - there is no data for that example for selected

You have only:


Thanks for pointing this out @mspanic
I’ll have to take a closer look at my filters since they seem to be throwing off the entire report.

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