Visualizing the filter/evaluation context

  1. Connect to DAX Studio and Select Define Filter Dump Measure:
  2. Copy the code
  3. Create a measure and paste the code removing the DEFINE and MEASURE statement
  4. Create a blank page and change the detail to Tooltip and add card visual
  5. Go to your report and select the visual on which you want to see the filter context, and enable tooltip
  6. Hover over the report

    See the Filters.pbix (2.9 MB)


Terrific tip - thanks very much for taking the time to write it up in such a clear, stepwise way.

I have found this dumpfilters technique invaluable for debugging measures with complex filter context interactions.

  • Brian
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Yup, I use this in every report as after few slicers I always forget what the filter context is lol!

Great post! Thanks for sharing

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