Visual personalization for Users

“When sharing a report with a broad audience, many users have slightly different views they want to see for particular visuals. Whether it’s swapping what is on the axis, changing the visual type, or adding something to the tooltip, it’s hard to make one visual that will satisfy every user’s requirements. This new capability will allow users to make tweaks to visuals on a report that they may not have edit access to. They can adjust the visual for their need and then save it as a bookmark to come back to without needing to fork the report or go back to the report author for a change.”

Public Preview: April 2020.

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Thanks for sharing, that’s good to know.

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OK, here is a video on Microsoft’s PowerBI YouTube channel which demo’s this feature…
The link jumps to 4 minutes and 30 seconds in, which shows you this feature in action.
Also, in the video shows already and upcoming features.

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