Virtual blank row and one to many



Why is there a blank row on the visuals and why is it when I change the relationship in the model to one to many relationship, PBI changes the relationship back to many to one.

I understand the column on the one side of the relationship must have unique values and no blank rows or nulls as this may cause the virtual blank row.

DAXpractice.pbix (641.5 KB)

Thanks in advance.
Elizabeth Tachjian



I’ll take a look at the attached pbix and get back to you soon.




If you expand the Date table to include the year 2017 the Blanks will disappear and your totals will reflect the correct values. There are 2017 dates in the Sales table but if the Data table doesn’t have 2017 it will return blanks.

The One to Many is required from the Date table to the Sales table as there is only one date in the date table but many dates in the Sales table.



Great pick up. Thank you.

Re One to Many relationship question, are you able to look at this again please. I have attached a picture to present question clearer.
Am I correct to only rely on the arrow direction in the relationship window to show type of cardinality and ingore the cardinality in the edit relationship window. Notice the two screens

are showing a different cardinality. One screen shots shows the model has a one to many relationship and the other shows a many to one. Both images attached are from the same model.

Thanks in advance.



What you are showing in the 2 photos is the same thing.

The top image shows a One (Date) to Many (Sales)
The bottom image shows a Many (Sales) to One (Date)

They look different but both are “flowing down” in the relationship.