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View lineage not showing dataflows

I am using multiple data flows in the reports I am creating. When I go into the Power BI Service I can use the lineage view to see which report connects to which data set and which SQL connection provides the data.
What is missing from this view is the dataflows that sit between SQL and the data set. It will show where there is a connection to SQL for some data but the reusable items come form data flows.

As I am looking to remove some dataflows that I hope are no longer used it would be good to see this information. Apart from editing all data sets is there another way to see this?

Hi @ells,

Is the datamodel linked to the Dataflow present in the workspace for which you are exploring Lineage?
Just had a look and all my Dataflows show up, let me navigate to the Workspace containing the Dataflow allowing me to back trace lineage all the way to the source…

Thank you. Just scanned the article again. When I looked back at my lineage view it does and does not show the dataflows. Where one developer has hard coded the workspace id it links fine.
When I have added dataflows to the data set I have used parameters to allow me to change workspaces and this does not appear in the lineage view.

Many thanks

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The parameters may be your issue here - I’ve noticed some odd behavior using parameters to switch between datasource, so it makes sense this might also happen with dataflows.

is it possible to remove the parameter on a copy of the dataset (just for investigation?)

it is definatelly the parameter. We have a multi-developer environment. I am the only one using parameters, it is a lot easier when moving objects from one environment to the next.
I am also the only one experiencing this issue. It also kind of makes sense as well that this breaks the chain in the lineage view.

Many Thanks

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