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Very Slow Power BI

I am working on small to medium Power BI tutorials (projects). My current exercise has over 30 queries (Tables) and over 60 Measures. The file is hardly up to 3 MB. I am facing serious issues in page refreshing, developing measures and visual refreshes. I have to wait over two minutes after clicking on ‘New Measure’ and after it, has to wait for 2 or 3 minutes.
I tried many things like, updating Drivers, Turning off Windows Securities, Turning off all Power Bi Privacy etc. I couldn’t find any satisfactory solution. It is also observed that POWER BI is taking ‘Very High’ Power Usage seen in Task Manager.

However, Please guide me the better solution that what should I do with this machine. Attached is the Desktop Specs File.
DESKTOP-4V2QG18.txt (79.3 KB)

Hi @Tanzeel, a similar topic was covered in this forum thread link. Check this one out and see if it answers any of your questions.

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