Power BI Desktop is very slow to operate

Hi there,

I don’t know if is my laptop specs that is not great or if PBI Desktop is slow like that anyway, all reports as soon as I’ve added any dataset and added a few visualisations into the report, the interface it starts to be slow. Slow to edit, slow to select fields, visualisations, etc… it seems the mouse has a delay when clicling and dragging the items into the report.

Thanks guys.

The November 2019 version I found it was buggy and extremely was slow.

I reverted back to the previous month and models worked fine and we’re back to normal speed.

Have you updated to December version, it seems to work a lot better?

There are also a number of other things that can affect performance see here from Chris Webb

Also check your task manager to see how power and CPU usage is being utilised…refer to my article on the community forum here

I normally also turn off all the settings for the current file data load options which stops a number of automated routines and refreshes in background.

Thanks. I already checked it and wanted the guidance regarding the hardware resources.