Utilising a slicer value and passing to paginated report

I have been asked if I am able to set something up which we are being asked to provide to clients.

We are sometimes required to provide a document listing various elements, internally I have a PBI report (cannot share this but will try and draft something to include later) where I can visualise this in a simple table.

However, to provide our clients with this I have been asked to ‘spice it up a little’ (adding company logo and some basic information) and I would like to use paginated report to do this.

The problem is how can I pass a slicer value (not needing multiple selections just one) to an embedded paginated report such that it can be printed to pdf. I wanted to create a simple button/bookmark to essentially open or view the embedded paginated report and allow the users to simply print this.

I have created the dataset in the builder needed by copying the query from performance analyser to generate the data but am stuck with creating a parameter, assuming this should be a Query parameter rather that the ‘normal parameter’. Both the PBI and Paginated report are housed in the same premium node on the service.

Hope this makes sense!


David H

I think I’ve been here.

First off try the Paginated Report Visual which is still in Preview. When I tried it seemed to be behaving OK, but actually turned out not be the thing for me for other reasons.
When you hook the rdl to the visual it will want to link the parameters in the rdl to columns in the data model. Once done the Pag report will be part of your App in the service and all should work fine.

If that fails then take the DAX you already have for the pag report and change it as follows:

  • create a variable at the top of the DAX. Lets call it
    Var vElement = @Element

  • Put a Filter into the DAX code to Filter just vElement.

  • In Report Builder go to Query Designer, paste the fresh Dax statement in and set the parameters at the top (icon next to delete). This will create the parameter in the RDL

  • Write a separate dataset with DAX - Summarize(TableName,[Element]).
    then linj the parameters to this.

A bit of a brief explanation here and I’ve just spent 10mins hunting on Youtube for the video I learnt from but can’t find it, sorry. Essentiall though you put the parameter into your DAX Code with @, that generates the parameter in the rdl, then bring the data for the lookup in as a separate dataset and link it to the parameter. Works really well

But first option might be easier if it’s suitable

PS - will have another look for the video when I’m cuddling a beer in a while or so :grinning:

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Many thanks for your comments. To be honest I am a bit lost with this as I am not understanding the variable definition (VAR vElement = @Element) as in my head the @Element needs to be defined right?

I have attached a very basic sample of info but the principle of what I need is once the data is filtered on the slicer for the employee I want the table generated to be shown in paginated report.

I can generate the table needed based on using the DAX from performance analyser to create a data set in the builder (I delete the TOPN entry as not needed) make make the change to the evaluate part to the __DS0Core.


David H
Test.pbix (30.4 KB)

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Hi David
Now I’ve got a pbix I’ll give it a go.
Away for long weekend visiting daughter. But if I get a lull I’ll do something on it.otherwise it will be mid next week


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Hi David
Son in law doing food (and Beer shopping!). Wife and daughter getting grandson from school. So here I am.

See attached files which I have tested in my premium workspace. All good.
PBIX amended to bring in the test pag report - So user can run directly from app.
Rdl file - leave you to change data source and tart up table!

In my world I have tested the Pag Report visual and its all good, but preferred to have a subsection of pag reports under my main app. Just thought visually easier.

Test.rdl (27.3 KB)
Test.pbix (31.4 KB)

Hope that’s what you’re looking for


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Sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this.

This works for me, many thanks!

David H