Using Power BI To Populate Customer Portal

I have all of my customers in Power BI and I have built a summary page/tab with customer name as a slicer.

What we would like to do is publish that page/tab for each client within their customer web portal outside of Power BI. What we do not want to do is give them the ability to change the customer to anyone else.

I have about 50 customers I would like to publish to their individual portals. Short of exporting each customer to PDF and publishing that, is there a technique I can use to lock things down?

I suppose I can have a slicer of one company but each time I publish, it will over write the last I am guessing. Publishing the web link works great…but everyone has access to change the slicer.


This to me is really a scenario for Power BI embedded. This variant of Power BI has been specifically tailored for this type of thing.

Have you explored this?



In the online Power BI portal, I clicked on the “embed in web site/portal” link and got the embed code for the report. We used it and put it in the customer portal. Worked I think as it should…but…the slicers etc we’re still functional so the client could change the data to another client.

This is my first experience doing it…so I may not understand how to control things. I need one page per customer portal. Thought about using dashboards, but you don’t get an embed code with those…

I am stuck. What is the right approach. I am excited to use it…just not sure how to limit it to each customer.

Power BI Embedded is the way to do this efficiently.

This is basically a different product to Power BI Online service, see here -

The only other way is to create 30 different models, one for each client, which is not very optimal I know. But Microsoft aren’t going to cut themselves off from profiting from there embedded version which has been developed for the scenario you are working with.


Thank you!

Now I understand the point you were making. I see it’s a whole different product now given the link you sent me.