Using Power Bi on a Mac Book Pro


I currently access power bi desktop on my work dell laptop but i am changing employment and will be using a Mac Book Pro and want to access Power Bi on my Mac, is that possible and if so does it have any issues with capability being on a Mac?


There are a number of different options to do this. Check this out:

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@BrianJ beat me to it :frowning: lol

another thought, some companies doesn’t let you download any software that isn’t supported by the company.

Thanks @Keith and @BrianJ

i watched the Guy in a Cube video and looks like there are options to access Power bi and the comments left in the video chat from users of Macs indicate it will work ok. @Keith it will be my personal laptop and will be using Pbi for my own development so no issue with company restrictions :slight_smile:

Cheers guys

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cool :slight_smile: