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Using Power BI Dataset as Data Source for report

I am creating multiple reports using a single Power BI Dataset as the data source.

Is it possible to change the selected Power BI Dataset once the report is created?

The use case is connecting the report to a dataset in a QA workspace, then once QA is complete, connecting to an identical dataset in production workspace.

Are there any best practices or recommendations from the community? I am also looking at dataflows, but it seems like I may need to re-create the entire model as a dataflow.

Thanks for any input.


Yes it is, the process is explained here:

My process is as follows:

  • Create base tables in Dataflows
  • Use the Dataflow to built my models
  • Publish the PBIX with the model
  • Create the report based on the model published to the service

@Melissa , thank you for the reply! I wish there was a more of a built in approach, but will give this a try. Thanks again!

Also, in this case until 2 weeks ago there was no dataflow connector to the datasource I am using.

So the models are all in .pbix files.

You can try the “Hot Swap connections” External Tool to swap in and out of QA and production datasets.

Nice, thank you! I will also give this a try!