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Using Dataverse as datasource : Choice column

Hello expert,

Anyone using Dataverse as datasource of Power BI ? Want to know when we connect to Dataverse table which is the column is Choice column, what do we will see in Power BI data ? Is it the numeric value and its description ?

I gotta an issue where my table only showing the numeric value of the Choices component in Dataverse, like this :
In Dataverse →

In Power BI →

Anyone know what’s wrong with this value ? How to get the description ? And does it supposed to be automatically showing 2 columns : the numeric and the description ?


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Hi @Toni! We notice that your inquiry is left unsolved for quite some time now.

Looks like your inquiry is out of the experts and users’ bounds.

We strive to answer ALL inquiries in the forum. However, if you are sure that you provided all pertinent context to your concerns and read how to use the forum more effectively and still find your question unanswered, you can check out tutorials to learn this yourself as your membership also comes with relevant resources that may help you with your Power BI education.

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