Using a condition to select which column to use for merge

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I am trying to merge two tables in Power Query but I wish to use a conditional join to select which column should be used to complete the join

This is the idea I am trying to get to work. Where the secondary table has “Yes” in the Locked column, merge to the main table using “hsObjectId” in the main table else use “Joining HubSpot ID for Accept / Billing” in the main table to merge by using “HubSpot ID” in the secondary table in both cases.

This is my attempting use and if to control the which column to use, did work of course

#"Merged Accepted Data" = Table.NestedJoin(
                        #"Merged Closed Data", 
                        if Table.SelectRows(#"Accepted Data",  each [Locked] = "Yes") then {"Joining HubSpot ID for Accept / Billing"} else {"hsObjectId"}, 
                        "Accepted Data",
                        {"HubSpot ID"}, 
                        "Accepted Data", 

can anyone assist? cheers

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Maybe you can first add custom column with this if then

= Table.AddColumn(#"Changed Type", "Custom_Merge_Column", each if [Locked] = "Yes" then [hsObjectId] else [#"Joining HubSpot ID for Accept / Billing"])

and then merge based on it ?

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How would I merge based on that return though?

If would like to merge data based on that new column you can use:

This is for merge if you just want to create a join - you can do it also but keep in mind that in one table that column need to be unique

More about this functionality you can find at:

if you need something more do not hesitate to ask.

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