User's BI Reports

I have shared several reports to various users. Now I have a user and I want to know which power bi reports he has



Shockingly, there does not appear to be any way to generate an admin-level list of what reports a user has access to. The closest I could find is the user’s own Shared With Me list as referenced in

There are many ways to see who has access to and who is using a single report or dashboard, but not what you want.

I checked the Admin Centers (the Power BI one is worse than useless since we don’t have Premium licensing), Power Platform, and even the Azure Portal. Nothing.

I did see one reference to a REST API call if you are willing and able to do custom programming to get it. Which is bonkers, frankly.

I think you’ll have to go with the user accessing their own Shared With Me list, assuming that is possible.


@jpratt thanks for the answer

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