Use of M query language in Power BI

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I am preparing for Power BI to work on the project I have been assigned. Through my learning process, I have learned a lot about Power BI and its tools. I just wanted to know- What is the M query language in Power BI? As per this power bi interview questions, M query language is used in the Query Editor but my question is that how can I establish Query Editor in real-time environment? Does Power BI provide the same in itself or do I have to create it. And what is way to fetch data from different resources.

I searched it on many community websites but didn’t get to much info.

I have also gone through this Power Query M formula language reference - PowerQuery M | Microsoft Learn but it seems to complicated and it may be due to the less experience I have in Power BI.

If you have any knowledge about it kindly let me know, it’ll be highly appreciated.


M is the language you use when shaping your data - it’s how you connect to your data, it’s what you use when adding or deleting columns from your tables.

If your project does not include connecting to a dataset already prepared in Power Query, I recommend looking into a beginner video course in the subject (look for Power Query or M Code).

here is the fundamental course offered by EnterpriseDNA:

There are also several beginner courses available on YouTube