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URL for each item of list on SharePoint

Hi there,

I am reading a list from SharePoint online. Now I want to get the URL of each record or item of the list and present it in the dashboard so that when the user clicks on the URL the record appears on the browser. I tried to find the URL of an individual item of the list on share point in query editor mode but could not find it. I found the URL of the attachment but it’s not very helpful. Could anyone help me how can I find the URL of the item on the list from Sharepoint?

Sorry for the inconvinence. I can attach the sample file. However, as the source is SharePoint, other members would not able to open in the query editor mode.

Hi @leo_89

You can use Keyword Query Language (KQL) and search by ID, Example ListItemID:3

Use the url to create the link on DAX or PQ

On PQ you have the ID of each item


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