URGENT: search for multiple values from different lists and show in table+chart

I have two lists of keywords: Cause and Effect. I have filters allowing for multiple selection out of both list (incl. select all).

I need to find the (selected) keywords from (both) these lists in a Table column Text and sum up the amounts Value corresponding to each line that contains the selection (in the sense of an AND).

I also need to show the sums in a chart with Date only (respectively a Calendar out of it) and just this calculated sum.

Here some mock data:

Cause Effect
apple allergy
peanut recall

Respectively for Table:

Text Date Value
Apples’ China risk 9/8/2023 778,985
Pick Peanuts, Pick Apples and Get Out of Town 10/1/2023 13,270,269
A Low-Cost Grocery Delivery Service With Much More Than Ugly Apples 11/9/2023 5,543,076
Krispy Kreme urgently recalls four-pack of doughnuts over peanut allergy fears 8/7/2023 4,013,349
Recall over allergy fears: Chocolate raisin snacks may contain peanuts 10/9/2023 6,518,508
I have a severe allergy to strawberries 9/23/2023 4,013,349
Aldi urgently recalls deli meats over allergy fears 8/23/2023 4,013,349

E.g. if raisin, allergy and recall are all selected, I should see only 6,518,508. If only peanut is is selected, then 13,270,269 + 4,013,349 + 6,518,508 = 23,802,126
On a chart by Year, Month, Day, for 10/1/2023 one should only see 13,270,269. And aggregated over the whole Oct then 19,788,777.

I’m not able to do this, whatever calculated table, filters or whatever else I use. Once Text is missing from the visual (as is of course the case for the chart), it shows me wrong dates and values and the chart won’t work at all.

Could anyone please help? At least give me a hint of the logic of the whole stuff. Thanks a lot!

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I’m sorry. I would gladly change it, but I don’t know how. I’m not able to edit the post anymore, either text, not heading.

If you know how or have a better idea, I’ll try & do it asap.


go in edit mode and change the topic heading

This is the problem: I can’t edit it, I only see a picture:

Of course else I’d have edited it already.

Hi @EmaT

Please see attached video to correct the topic area.

I hope this helps,.

I can’t check the box at all, can’t delete it, can’t do a thing. So sorry Keith!
If you can delete it for me or someone else, please feel free to do it!

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What did you have to do? I likely know what you did but might help others