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Urgent help needed - sum up sales forecast from today thru end of month

Hello Forum - This may be an easy one, but I can’t figure it out.

I have sales forecast from our CRM system. I would like to sum up the total forecast opportunity from today thru to the end of this month (September), and of course it should be dynamic.

Any help is appreciated!


This should work for you:

Sales Forecasts Today to EOM = 
VAR StartDay = TODAY()
VAR EndDay = EOMONTH( TODAY(), 0 )
VAR DateRange =
    DATESBETWEEN( Dates[Date], StartDay, EndDay )

    [Total Sales Forecasts],

Full PBIX attached below. Hope this is helpful.

  • Brian

eDNA Forum - Total Sales Forecasts EOM.pbix (110.7 KB)