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Unpivot Columns to shown energy split

Good Day,

I would appreciate some assistance on the following. I have a table (see attached example image).

I would like to apply a Donut Chart such that I am able to report on the percentage split between mining and plant cost.

We have quiet a substantial back-end of data and I want to avoid having to unpivot data in the query editor, Is there any alternative measure that can be created that will correctly apportion the cost for mining and plant?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Kind Regards

Calculation Groups to your rescue here . First create three SUM aggregations for Plant , mining and overall costs. Go to Tabular Editor create calculation groups and then create calculation items.

Then save your changes, refresh the Power BI model, select the Donut Chart and drop the calculation group under Legend and Overall Cost measure in Value.

Attaching the PBIX file for your reference.

Donut Chart with Calculation Group.pbix (29.8 KB)

I hope it helps.



You can directly add those two to values.


@Rajesh I did take a detour then :rofl:

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I have never used tabular editor before, could you assist me on how to access that?

Thank you


In this case you can directly add Mining Cost and Plat Cost to Donut Chart Values.

If you want to use Calculation Group…First install Tabular editor…then you can see in external tools.

Calculation Group really helps in other situations.

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hi @Rajesh, @MudassirAli

Thank you,

Could you maybe assist with another issue,

I want to use a waterfall chart.

I have a pre saving and a post saving and I want to apportion both savings to mining and plant

Any ideas on how this could be done?

@Akshay_05 I am afraid that Waterfall chart is not a viable option here as it accepts only one measure. You can start another thread with a sample of required result and we can advise what’s the best visualization to use in this case.


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