Understanding premium capacity in terms of collaborations with a larger audience without a Pro license

I have a workspace without premium capacity. In this case, can I add free users to view the content (reports/dashboards) in that workspace?

I asked the question to ChatGPT, and I feel that ChatGPT is giving me the wrong answer. As I remember from reading some articles, it was stated that without premium capacity, we couldn’t add free users to a workspace to view its content. Can you please correct me if I’m wrong?

Hi @mrommala,

Yes, you can share access to free users as ChatGPT indicated, which includes needing to know the specific email address for each user you invite.

The part that ChatGPT leaves out, and that Microsoft reserves for a tiny NOTE on this page, is that you can only share with free users who are in the same organization as the workspace.

To confirm this info is up to date, I tried sharing a test report from my workplace’s non-premium Power BI service to my personal email address and got the error message “One or more e-mail addresses with the following domains are outside your organization: [my email]”.

If you need true public/anonymous user access, you can publish the report to the web.