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Ultimate Power BI Resource Collection (file needs to be refreshed)

Hi there
When i download the zip file from image

The file information isn’t coming into the power bi within the file or within the course material.

Can you please look into this?

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Thanks very much for flagging this. I’m looping in the @EnterpriseDNA team so that they can review and make any necessary fixes.

  • Brian

you are very welcome

btw…happy anniversary on joining the group :slight_smile:



Hi @Keith, upon checking on our end, the download is working as it’s supposed to.

I advise you to clear your cache, check your network and try again.

Should you encounter the same issue, kindly email us the screenshot of your error at We’d be glad to email you the ZIP file from there as well.

Thank you!

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screen print is in the first message. i shutdown my system and clear the cache before is sent the message

screen print is directly from the course module within the education module and i also check the zip file and is the same.

I tried it again still get the same

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Please note:
this is a screen print within the course module itself.

when you download the zip file its the same thing and open up the powerbi file and shows the same things.

I have sent a message to the email box that you stated above.


Hi @Keith, the team fixed the files. Let us know if you’ll still encounter any issue.

Hi @EnterpriseDNA

I just downloaded the zip file and opened up the file with power bi. The file is interacting correctly now.

within the course module the screen hasn’t been updated. Please see the screen print of the course module.

thanks for updating the file.

Hi Keith,

The image has been updated as well.

eDNA Team

Thanks :slight_smile: