Ultimate Beginner's Guide to DAX - Help

I was working on the resource file downloaded from the course ‘Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Dax’
Specifically, I was viewing the chapter ’ Understanding the basics of DAX - Formula syntax, comments, variables’.
Basically, I was trying to create a measure that calculates Total Sales using the filters “FL” and “Products 2 & 5”

I had diligently followed the steps as what the video had shown. However, I feel that I came up with the wrong output.
I feel it’s wrong as the values become repeated.

I am posting here a screen capture of the problem :

I would appreciate any advise if i missed a step as I’ve feel that I’ve already replayed the videos a hundred times.

thanks in advance!

Have you filtered the table with the sales and manually calculated the results to check, or do you know what the answer should be?

There are variations in the answer, but its hard to tell with out knowing what the answer should be.

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