Two Date Slicers on one Page

Wondering if their is a way to use two Date Slicers that a user would selected and perform a Calculation based on Dates in the first Date Slicer and a Calculation for the selection in the Second Date Slicer.


Calculate Total Qty Sold by Item for two user defined ranges.

Date 1 - User Selects 11/1/17 - 10/31/18 Calculation looks at the fact Table and Calculates for that Range

Date 2 User Selects 11/1/16 - 12/31/17 Calculation looks at the same fact Table and Calculates for the second range.

You ultimately would end up with Two Measures one for Total Qty Sold for the Date 1 Selection, and another for Total Qty Sold for the Date 2 Selection.

Hope that makes sense.

Really the only way to do this, is to create two date tables and then use them both in the same report page.

It brings some reasonable complexity to your DAX functions (but not too difficult).

See below for some ideas around this and how you can do it.

This is not exactly your scenario, but shows you how things like this can be done.

There is no other way really to do it.

You have to remember that any context coming from one slicer selection, impacts everything in the model. So there is not way to layer different date selection on top of each other from the same table.

You will also likely need to have inactive relationships from your second date table, then create formulas that use CALCULATE & USERELATIONSHIP. This way you can virtually turn on filters to get calcs for comparison.

See how you go with some of these ideas.


Thanks as always Sam. I’ll give it a spin and let you know the outcome.