Troubleshooting Custom Groups with Negative Min and Max Values

This is probably a simple one, but a couple of the custom groups in my table contain negative min and max values (percentages). For some reason the negatives are not grouping. Can someone take a look?

Here’s the supporting table


Here’s the code

Here’s a snip it of the column in the table showing nothing populating for the negative values





Think you only need to switch the Max and Min values in the supporting table…

LOL. Wow. Thank you Melissa. Apologies for the silly questions. Here’s another one that might be a little better.

Do you think it would be better to imply the logic I used above for this type of exercise, or would there be an advantage to creating the groups via the following example logic? Thanks!


No worries Nick - we’re only human

In this scenario I would definitely go for the supporting table logic. Easier to maintain and yhe DAX required is much more simple compaired to a SWITCH statement in which you’d need to test each value against the upper and lower boundary and repeat that 8 times for each bucket…