Training Ideas for 1 day course


Hi Sam,

I have been following your training for several months now and it has really helped me in my business. I have been asked to do a one-day Power BI training course for several groups of my colleagues who will have different skill levels. Power BI has so much I could cover it is difficult to decide what to cover.
Obviously I would cover the basics - Query Editor, Basic visualisations, Best practice, simple DAX calculations. The question is where do I stop? I want them to understand the basics but also have an insight into what is actually possible so they can follow up at a later date.

Do you have any suggestions about the best areas to cover in an introductory course?

Thank you in advance.



Hi Frances,

I’m very big on practical application, so the key to training for me is to walk through an end to end demo of a simple Power BI solution touching on all of those key features.

I myself run a one day course which does just that.

You can easily just grab one of the simple showcases from Enterprise DNA Online and then walk through the team from start to finish how you create it (usually just a one page report) and then how to use it inside the online service.

I find you want to stay simple for a one day training, and not dive to far into DAX. More just showcase the potential of DAX when combine with the data model.

Hopefully that give you some ideas.



Hi Sam,

Thank you for the suggestions - really helpful as always :slight_smile: