Training Bootcamp

My Company has started using Power Bi this year and we are looking to attend a weekend (2-4 day) bootcamp for Power Bi. Our company is in the US and we would like to receive live training (ie not online).

Any suggestions?


I would encourage you to check out the P3 on-site Power BI training offerings:

The P3 CEO is Rob Collie, one of the original engineers on the Power BI team. I have taken their Power Query and Advanced DAX in-person training. Both were very well-constructed sessions taught by extremely knowledgeable instructors. The classes were entertaining, informative and highly interactive. My only caveat is that if you’ve done a lot of training on Enterprise DNA, the P3 “advanced” course feels intermediate at best.

While I haven’t taken the following training myself, a number of people in my office have done so as an intro to Power BI, and all said it was excellent:

Microsoft Dashboard in the Day Training Course

I hope this is helpful.

  • Brian

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