Totals not summing

Hi, I have searched through many forum topics and videos, but I can’t seem to get the logic required for this. I’m doing some Variance analysis on current year Sales, forecast and budget, plus budget for next year. Budgets and Forecasts are based on sales last year * Growth Rate. The rows return the right numbers, but the total is incorrect. Financial year is Oct to Sep which is working ok.

When I compare forecast to last year again it’s returning the right rows, but wrong total. Same when I’m calculating cumulative.

Test model below. I’ve removed sensitive data, but structure is basically the same as full model.

Test (1.4 MB)

Any help greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks

@Irene Wrap all your measure inside SUMX ( VALUES ( Dates[FY Month] ), [Measure] ) construct, I did it for a few.

Test Model.pbix (1.5 MB)

Hi @Irene. You can check out the Fix Incorrect Totals pattern post as well. Hopefully it will have something to help. Greg

@AntrikshSharma Thank you so much! Easy when you know how :smiley:

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Thanks @Greg , I will check it out.