Totals expected in future months


Looking for advice. Our organization has an E&O Reserve policy which means parts between the age of 37-48 months, we reserve 10% of the cost. 49 to 60 months age, we reserve 20%. Over 60 months age, we reserve 50%.

I can easily calculate the reserve total for the present date. I need advice on how to set up the report so I can project our change in reserve amounts for next month, or two months from now, or 6 months from now…based on not selling any of the parts currently in these buckets.

2 months from now, some parts are going to move from the 10% reserve bucket to the 20% reserve bucket. Some parts currently in the 20% reserve bucket will move to the 50% reserve bucket. I need to build a report where I can manually add 2,3,4 months of age, and see the change in reserve totals.


It’s unfortunately far to difficult to image everything here. There’s just so many variable that I would even know where to begin to offer any advice.

Probably need to be a bit more specific around a calculation you need and also add in images of data, model, current calculations etc.

This is where the most assistance can be offered.

One concept to look at this may assist is secondary tables. Again there’s many variable here, but check out this tutorial and see if it has any application

And check out this one also


No problem. Thanks for the response. When I get back to the office tomorrow, I’ll try to explain exactly what data I have and what I’ve tried so far with examples.