Total revenue showing incorrect amount


So hopefully I can explain this so that it makes sense. My output below does not show the correct Tuition Revenue amount for the number of registrations.


The measure formula that I am using to get Tuition Revenue is as follows:
Tuition Revenue = SUM('WW Registrations'[Class Price])

My Model is below. I had to create a unique table because the WW MSSA Student Table had duplicates that were critical to keep but are necessary in breaking the students down appropriately.


How do I make it calculate the Tuition Revenue Correctly?

I have looked at the video But I think that is a little more advance than what I have. I dont have a quantity, I don’t have a price per thats already in the single column basically what the student was charged for that course.


So I changed the model to be bi-directional after looking at a video from Curbal so it looks like the below and the totals now look like what they should when exporting the data to excel and taking the sum of the registrations.

The thing that gives me heartburn is I remember what you said about bi-directional so I am hesitant in using that approach.


Ok I would just go with this if it’s working but bear in mind that it seems quite odd the way you have your model.

Remember for simplification lookup tables should be up the top and fact tables down the bottom whereever possible.

Attempt to get you unique values into the lookup table also.