Total Registrations


So I am taking the forecasting Video and trying to translate it into what it means for my data. Instead of Sales I am looking at Registrations.

So when creating the Dax measure for Total Registrations I want to do total registrations by location using DAX considering the video does sales by product.

I came up with:
Total Registrations = SUMX( Registrations, Registrations[Registrations] * RELATED( ‘Location Code’[Revenue Location]))

Except that does not work because [Revenue Location] is type text because its the name of the actual location. I tried to use the [Center Code], which is numerical and that does not work either. Center code just gives me the same number for all dates.


Seems like you are maybe over thinking it.

All you need to do is go COUNTROWS (tablename)

Then apply the correct context (ie. filter) to the results to then break it down.

Let the data model to all the hard work for you.

Let me know how this goes.