Total Profits Measure not returning data in Power BI Summit data model

Hello Sam,

I am trying to walk through the replays of Power BI summit videos and I am stuck at the Total Profits measure. The screen shot below indicates the definition of the measure but if you look at the icon under the Key Measures section under Fields its not the same as the other measures I created. ALso when I drag the measure to the table I don’t see it reporting any data.

I have been following along your replay video for Day1 and don’t have any filters set up either what could be causing this measure to not return any Data

Any ideas?



Same question was covered in SAMs UBG course. I hope this will help.


No worries the model was being glitchy. I saved the changes exit out of PowerBI and relaunched and then I deleted and recreated the measure, Its working now.

Issue resolved…

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