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Hi all,

I am building Top N + Others and I want to replicate it in Tabular Editor. I have other measures and categories I want to use and don’t want to write numerous measures. But for some reason the visuals is not showing the Others category. I believe it is because I can’t place Tabular editor calculation items in the Tooltips.

In image #1, is an example of the chart not using Tabular Editor.

In Image #2, is an example using Tabular Editor

The Tabular Editor Calculation group is named Top N KPIs.

Thanks for your help in advance.

WIP.pbix (17.3 MB)

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Hi @ysherriff,
Thanks you very much for post your query into the forum.
In image #2, we are applying the Name = Current filter, so the Others category has a value of 0.
You can filter by TopN Campaigns so that Others appears with the value of the rest of the categories with ranking > 5.

If you need the # of SQLs Campaigns measure to return 0 instead of BLANK, you can modify it as:

# of SQLs Campaigns =
VAR _Result = Calculate(
         [Total SQL's],
         CROSSFILTER(Campaigns[Contact ID],
          'Contacts Table'[Contact ID],
          Both )
RETURN _Result + 0


WIP_JAFP.pbix (17.3 MB)

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Thank you very much Jafer. Much appreciated.

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