Top 10 Matrix Cross Selling


Recently I saw an excellent video on the Cross Selling Deep Dive, great topic!

I’m trying to rebuild your model with our data and I have a question for you.

In our model we have 757 different products and a part of the report is:

As you see this report contains a lot of data so I want to see, for example, the Top 10 of Comparison Products instead of all.

Your example-file:


I’ve brought this to Excel and the Top 10 of your example-file for Products 1 and 2 is:

Is it possible to create those Top 10 Comparison Products in DAX? If so, can you help me with the formula?

Thanks in advance,


Something just like the below will get you what you need I believe

Purchased Both Products (Top 10) =
VAR ComparisonRanking = RANKX( ALL( 'Comparison Products'[Index] ), [Purchased Both Products],, DESC )

IF( ComparisonRanking <= 10, [Purchased Both Products], BLANK() )

Nice solution Sam, as always. Thank you very much!