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Too many visuals - restructure of data needed?


I am working on a table tennis stats dashboard and am not happy with the design, as I am creating so many measures, and so many cards on the report page that it is too slow and will only get slower.

There must be a more efficient way to structure my data and do calculations such that I don’t have to create individual measures for each and PBI not have to refresh so many visual elements.

I would appreciate any advice.

You can see my nearly developed solution attached (which is too slow as too many visuals).

Any advice or suggestion would be appreciated.

John G
Table Tennis Analysis v1.2.xlsm (179.1 KB)
Table Tennis Stats.pbix (315.7 KB)

You can look into recreating the matrix table using either Disconnected Tables or Calculation Groups.

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Thank you @pranamg , I will explore the resources and work my way through a solution.
Many thanks for going to the trouble to supply the links. Very useful.