TIP: Automated JSON File Creator for eDNA Colour Theme Generator

@sam.mckay and @EnterpriseDNA Team,

Thanks very much for the new eDNA Colour Theme Generator. It’s a terrific tool, and I agree with @haroonali that the color fan module is my favorite.

I was looking for a simple way to incorporate the hex code sets the tool provides into a JSON color theme file that I could pull back into Power BI, so I wrote the attached DAX-based report that automates the process.

Below is a link to a short video explaining how to use the report.

I hope folks find this a useful adjunct to the Colour Theme Generator. If others have ideas on how to improve this report, by all means have at it and please post the updated versions for everyone to use.

  • Brian

JSON Palette Creator.pbix (28.5 KB)


Just some additional keywords to make this tool easier to find via search:
JSON, report, color, theme, creator, tool, report, DAX, colour, generator, automated

Note: the report works with the first two modules of the Colour Theme Generator, but not the third.

  • Brian

Hi Brian,

Is the eDNA Colour Theme Generator up and running? I cannot access it from the website.




Seems to be running just fine. I was just able to access it both from this link:

and from the tools menu in DAX Clean Up:

  • Brian

Thanks Brian. The link you sent does indeed work.

Using the above URL, if you scroll down to the bottom of the page, below the Discover Tools & Apps, the Colour Theme Generator button is not working (cannot click on it).

@eric_m, @EnterpriseDNA,

Thanks for identifying that. I’m looping in the Enterprise DNA Team, so that they are aware and can fix the broken link.

  • Brian