Threshold Triggers - breakdown by other fields


Hi all

Was just checking out the content on Threshold Triggers within the advanced analytics content.

This work great for customer name. How can I show the number £166,971, but different column fields? I want to show the customer threshhold number breakdown by also Product, Location, Category?

Thanks in advance.



For this one all I believe you need to do here based on the information I’m currently seeing is change the VALUES(… part after the FILTER function to whatever dimension you need.



no no no.
I get that. thats given.

so okay I want to show the customer thresholds (so the 166,971) but this view for the “Region Names” (as an example) . Then all Region Names should total 166,971.

If you see the screen shot above “Type”. This doesnt look right.

Hope that makes sense.


Based on the information provided I’m not really any closer to understanding what you require here with your question.

I really suggest providing a lot more information and image for what you require and also a demo model if you want some further help with this.



Hi Sam
No worries I think i have figured this out.

Where I was going wrong was I needed to add in more context (if i changed the field name).
So one of your other videos on Outliers shows this. I understand now and thank.

Thank you for the support.