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With all you can do in Power BI now with buttons, I use a lot to create custom buttons tied to bookmarks, page navigation, etc., such as this one that triggers a bookmark to reset all the slicers/filters on a page:

Clear Filters

The button customization options are nearly infinite, and it’s easy to tie in the colors (via hex codes) to your report theme. The site is entirely free (ad supported). It doesn’t have a login option to save your buttons in the site, so I usually just screenshot the options if I ever want to re-create that button or a similar one:

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Hi @BrianJ,
Thanks for this article. I created a button with link provided and it was great. However, I was unable to use it in Power BI. I saved it as html but when I try to use the saved file, I could not. My question is, how else should I save the file?
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Try saving it as a PNG file. That has always worked well for me in Power BI re: imported graphics.

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