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The new "Title heading" property on visuals / not working?

Hello there.

I’ve never seen the “Title Heading” feature before. When I try to compare a Heading 2 and a Heading 6 selection, I see no difference (either in the report or published report).

Question 1: Am I doing something incorrectly, or is my understanding incorrect?

Question 2: Perhaps do I need to go “somewhere” and specify what the font size for each Title Heading must be. Maybe they are all the same and that’s the problem for seeing no visual difference?

As always,
Thank you. Michelle


I’m sure I’ve seen someone else post about this on LinkedIn and question whether it changes anything. I’ve not played about with it but will check at some point.

Hi @michellepace ,

I’m getting the same result and did not find the time to look at it in more details until I read your question.

So I made some search on the net and the answer found is that “The heading options are for screen-reader support only” (
If you hover on the option you will get a tooltip that staits that. (

Mehdi Hammadi


Yup, it’s an accessibility feature …

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Thank you @Greg for the precision. Accessibility features are more and more important these days and unfortunately this is something I tend to overlook in my reports.

Do you have a reference with more detail or maybe a video that would show the effect of the feature.


Hi @MehdiH. Nope … hopefully others will have some resources. Greg

Thanks @Greg, @MehdiH and @DavieJoe. I took a while to understand the concept of a “screen reader” being a device rather than a person. And then it all makes sense, thank you!