The course: Python II for Power BI Users

Hi EDNA team,
I am learning the course “Python II for Power BI Users”. That is a great course. However, the Resources Pack provided is missing datasets for the course (ex. "reddit_wsb.csv’,…) and May I have .pbix file of the final dashboard? Thank you.


Hi @Jennie,

You can find :

  • reddit_wsb.csv :
  • wine_review.csv (winemag-data_first150k.csv ):

* wine bottle image you can find at:

* Hotel Review dataset you can find at:

* Star image can be downloaded from:

Please also note that 

The property UNICODE_EMOJI was removed in version 2.0.0 of this module. So it is used EMOJI_DATA instead as  a replacement for UNICODE_EMOJI. 

In new version function cell :

#create emoji function
def get_emojis(sentence):
    sentence = " ".join(sentence)
    words = word_tokenize(sentence)
    emojis = [e for e in words if e in emoji.EMOJI_DATA]
    return emojis

Enjoy this great course.

Hi @mspanic,
Thank you for your instruction.
In terms of the property UNICODE_EMOJI, yes, I replaced EMOJI_DATA in my version. But, both UNICODE_EMOJI and EMOJI_DATA only count emojis that stand alone, they cannot count emojis that appear consecutively as below:

Here is text:

So how to count all emojis that occur in the text?
and Could you please share .pbix file of the last dashboard.
Thank you again.


Hi @Jennie ,
Regarding emoji - here is my Notebook:
Clean Text, Word Frequency and Emoji.ipynb (13.0 MB)

Jupyter Notebook is much easier to find then .pbix files :slight_smile:
Later on I will check if I could manage to find some.

Best regards,

Thank you for your sharing.

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Hi Maja,
Because I need to delivery the analytics to users so I did in Power BI. But when I published to Power BI service, some libraries such as ‘nltk’ or ‘emoji’ weren’t supported, so what should I solve this issue? Thank you in advanced for your advice.