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The CEO dashboard

Hi everybody!

Could you please share your best practices regarding the set-up of a CEO dashboard?
What do I mean by this?

Suppose you have been developing different reports for different departments. You have a workspace Marketing, HR, Sales, Logistics etc… Every workspace has some reports. Some reports have easy KPI’s (e.g. total sales), others have very complex KPI’s.

The CEO now wants to have an overview (excel/ppt/powerbi) of 10 KPI’s ,all coming from different reports. How would you generate this?

Thank you!

Best regards!

Hi @Rens,

See if this article is helpful.

Something else to think about (note that this only works with modern workspaces).

  • Separate the Data Model from the Report PBIX
  • Create a live connection to the Data Model from each Report PBIX
  • Ceate as many spin off Reports based on that Data Model as makes sense / is required
  • Built centralized Dashboards of those (light weight) Reports

I hope this is helpful.

Hi Melissa,

Thank you for your quick reply!!

It is maybe not yet what I was aiming for, but a step in the right direction! I wasn’t aware of “modern workspaces”…
Basically I have the following set-up in mind:

  1. Upgrade old workspace to new workspaces (=necessary to to be able to share dataset to CEO workspace in step 3)
  2. Create new workspace CEO dashboard
  3. Based on these datasets, create new small reports in the CEO dashboard.
  4. Combine those reports in one dashboard

Do you see any improvements in this plan?
I am particularly worried that step 3 will be a lot of work because you need to recreate 10 big reports.
Isn’t there a way to skip step 3 and combine the visuals in the CEO report/dashboard, while still keeping the reports in their original workspace?


HI there,

Sometimes you have to re-evaluate dashboards, reports that are currently in place. How you are getting your data? Maybe its an opportunity to stream line your process and procedures. Different way of retrieving your data and from what system.

My process would be what information the management want to see in report. What reports/data can be used in new report? Maybe a new data set needs to be created to be able to handle all reports instead of several data sets.

Is there a way to linking into current reports to be linked into the ceo report? (just like linking referencing from one excel workbook to another workbook)

Sometime, you just have to a lot of the work now to get the benefits later.

I would draw out a flow chart on data/reports and see if you have any common data sets.

good luck in your project :slight_smile:

You already have these reports, right?
So all you have to do is duplicate that original Report, now for the scary part, remove all tables. Then connect to the Data Model in the Power BI Service. That will restore the Report.

And you are good to go. Just publish this to another workspace…


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