Text Totals for single selection


I have a slicer where i can select multiple values. When i do select multiple values, the totals work correctly, they don’t show text totals. However, when i select a single values the text totals appear. How can i stop the text totals from showing up on single selection.

Here is my code

IF(HASONEVALUE('Table1'[TenantCode]),CALCULATE(MAX('Critical Date'[Description]), FILTER('Load Date', RELATED(table2[Tenant Code]) 
= SELECTEDVALUE('table1'[TenantCode]) && RELATED('Category Series'[CategoryName]) = "Rent Reviews")))


Are you sayin if, for example, you would selected t0020348 and t0023049 you would want to see both of those in the Total? If so, take a look at CONCATENATEX



Thanks for your response. I don’t want to see any textual data in the totals. But the behaviour of this report is such that when there is more than one record in the report, the textual totals go away. But when you have only a record on the report, the textual totals are visible. Is this the default behaviour of powerBI or there is a way to go around it.



Can you upload some sample data?