Taking Over A Report From Another Developer

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I was just asked to take over a report from a co-worker, but I haven’t done this before. I have only built and deployed my own dashboards and reports. What is the best way to do this? Can he give ownership to me on the Power BI Service and then I can download a copy to work on? Does he have to send me the .pbix file? Thanks in advance for your advice here.

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Well it would be great if you can receive the Power BI report from the previous developer. Although you can simply download the report from the Power BI Service also. But the main thing is about the data source. If your data source is SQL Server then you’ll also be required the access as well as the queries written to retrieve those data and paste those queries under the Source options in order to activate those tables. Or if the data source is simply Excel or CSV file then just retrieve that file from the previous developer and change the source location or if the data source is OneDrive or SharePoint (Business) then no need to be worried about since all the files are stored at one location.

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